Metro Reach-1 passenger load dips

Metro Reach-1 passenger load dips

BMRCL says will improve once underground is ready

Metro Reach-1 passenger load dips

The Reach-1 of Metro between Baiyappanahalli and MG Road is seeing declining passenger flow since 2011.

In 2011, the passenger flow was about 28,000 people per day, while in 2015-16, the passenger flow is 17,000 per day. The average ridership that the train is doing is around 20,000 to 22,000, still lower than the initial numbers seen in 2011-12.

Metro officials are not unduly worried about the figures as they say the passenger load is bound to vary wherever there are connectivity issues.

General Manager (Finance) Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL), Vasanth Rao, says the passenger load will improve once the entire system gets working. “We are keeping a watch on the passenger load. 

Over a period of time, the numbers stabilise to a particular average. The Majestic section has to open and the underground tunnel should get ready. A lot of tests are going on. We expect that by the end of March the underground section should be ready. Once that is through, the entire stretch will be open and the passenger load should go up immediately,” Rao said.

Chennai Metro too is facing similar problems with 10,000 passengers being the average load for a 10 km stretch.

The numbers between Magadi Road and Mysuru Road station are very low now, as it has been introduced only recently. 

While the Metro claims the average is around 10,000 passenger load, a travel on the stretch reveals that there are about 10 to 20 people taking the Metro during peak hours, too. People say that’s the number during morning and evening times.
 A class 10 schoolgirl, who travels on the train regularly, Harshitha M S, says there is no change in load even during peak times. “I travel ever day from Mysuru Road to Vijayanagar and back. I find around a maximum of 20 people taking the Metro.

 This is both in the morning and evening. People say the train is not connected to the western corridor yet and that is why the load is less. People also say the underground work is not completed. Maybe things will change once this is ready.”So, the overall number taking both stretches into account to make up the East-West corridor is very low and wouldn’t go beyond 25,000. The figure that the Metro is expecting when it is normal is a ridership of over 40,000. The Metro rail is confident of reaching those numbers once the connectivity is through.

“A lot of people work in Baiyappanahalli and they stay as far as Nayandahalli. Now, they have to cut their journey and catch a second bus from Majestic. The distance by bus is very long and the journey is hard. Once the underground Metro becomes operational, the working class and office-goers can enjoy a single journey without break. In a couple of months, things will change,” Rao said. 

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