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Last Updated 25 May 2012, 15:52 IST

Actor Sharan has turned producer with his latest film ‘Rambo’. He is playing the lead role in the film as well.

The shooting for the film, directed by M S Srinath, recently got over. Having played a supporting character for many years, this will mark Sharan’s debut as the lead actor. He says, “I am known for my comic roles. So this movie too will be a comedy.

But there will be a thriller angle to it. I don’t want to reveal too much as I want people to come to the theatre and see it for themselves.” The actor has also roped in his sister, Shruthi, to play the role of a deputy commissioner (DC) in the film. The first thing Sharan says about ‘Rambo’ is that it is a ‘3D film’. 

Before anyone jumps to any conclusion, he clarifies, “The 3D refers to dagalbaji, dhagakora and dove raja. This the tagline of the film. I feel it will be a good way to strike a chord with the audience.”

After doing comic roles in films like Rama Shama Bhama, Shruthi says she was expecting to play a comic character in this film as well. “But instead, I was offered a rather serious role of the DC in the film. Of course I am playing a DC for the first time. I had to really prepare a lot for this role,” says Shruthi.

The talkie portion of the film is over and soon, the cast will start filming the songs.

(Published 25 May 2012, 15:52 IST)

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