Govt to take a fresh look at OROP

Parrikar says some provisions need relook
Last Updated 18 February 2016, 19:05 IST

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Thursday said the government would take a relook at some of the provisions of the one-rank-one-pension scheme, particularly for those officers who leave the armed forces for greener pasture.

“The government will differentiate between voluntary retirement for better prospects and premature retirement in the interest of the army. A judicial committee has been set up to look into the issue of premature retirement,” Parrikar said in a television interview.

Providing enhanced pension benefits to the officers who leave the armed forces to take up lucrative jobs elsewhere was one of the contentious subjects that was discussed between the veterans and the government during the OROP debate.Asked about the resentment among armed forces on some of the recommendations of seventh pay commission, Parrikar said legitimate concerns of the armed forces would be addressed.

The establishment branches have been instructed to prepare reports on the anomalies that would be taken up with the Finance Ministry and the Prime Minister's Office.

One of the major causes of heartburn among the services related to the hardship allowance. 

The pay commission recommended Rs 31,000 per month for officers and Rs 21,000 per month for soldiers as allowance to compensate them for the “hardship” they face at Siachen.

But, once the pay commission’s new salary slabs are effective, the tough area allowance, which is about one-third of the basic salary in civilian services works out to be in excess of Rs 55,000 for IPS and IAS officers and Rs 30,000 for others posted in areas like Guwahati.

The Army, Air Force and Navy chiefs had a meeting with Parrikar, who assured them that he would take up the issue. More increments for civilian officers is another areas of concerns.


(Published 18 February 2016, 19:05 IST)

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