When emotions rule

When emotions rule

When emotions rule

Psychologists and educationists have been talking about how parents need to be more like friends to their children than take on the role of a disciplinarian. The more open and friendly parents are, the better the results would be as children don’t really want to listen to parents who are strict and thwart their freedom, believe psychologists.

The latest Kannada release, ‘Bhale Jodi’, has been made on this belief.

‘Bhale Jodi’ grapples with the issues and the relationship shared by a mother and her son. The project has a host of actors but the two that prominently stand out are the characters of Sumalatha and Sumanth Shailendra. They essay a mother-son role and say they couldn’t have asked for anything better. 

Actor Sumalatha was picked by director Sadhu Kokila to play the mother. Sumalatha says, “The role was not like the usual ones offered to me. I essay the character of a modern day mother. When I use the word ‘modern’, I mean parents and mothers, in particular, who make a conscious effort, to understand the problems faced by youngsters in present times. Parents must help them instead of trying to be strict.” She also feels the role does well to project a woman in good light. “In the movie, I am not only playing a mother to a boy who is in college but I am also a widow who works in an NGO and takes up the cause of women. She is bold and never fears to speak her mind,” she adds.

Sumalatha says that her character is strong, independent and has a mind of its own. “She is one of those mothers who doesn’t sit and cry when the child is in a problem but gives the child enough courage to overcome the problem rather than brood over it. It is important to lend enough support to children when they are confused and in trouble, rather than blame them and add to the trauma,” reasons Sumalatha.

Sumanth confesses that he was thrilled when he heard that Sumalatha had agreed to do the role. “She is a senior actor and I always wanted to work with her. We got along really well not only because we worked in such proximity but also because she has a son just about my age and related to the character very well,” says Sumanth.

Talking about his role, Sumanth shares that he plays a college-goer who is confused between love and infatuation. He ends up dating three women but can’t decide who he really loves. “Today, I am sure a lot of youngsters go through this phase and this film will be an eye-opener for them,” he says.

Sumanth feels that youngsters must have the freedom to talk to their parents about any topic under the sun. “The movie has scenes where the mother guides her son in the right direction and that comes from the ability to share and talk with parents openly,” he adds. The movie is touted to be a thorough entertainer with emotion, romance and action packed in the right measure.