Carnival on a plate

Carnival on a plate

Unique concept

Carnival on a plate

Ever went to a carnival or circus and said to yourself, ‘Oh wow, this is awesome. I want to come here again’? Well, you sure will feel so when you finish dining at ‘Mighty Small’.

When you walk into 1MG Mall and look for the restaurant, you might not be able to find it as it comes under ‘Smaash’, a gaming arena that has a wide number of high-tech games for all age groups to indulge in.

But since one does tend to get hungry after playing some games, ‘Mighty Small’ comes into the picture with some lip-smacking dishes. The restaurant provides for everyone; so whether you are in the mood for snacks or a full-fledged meal, they have it all.

Just as the name suggests, it’s a small restaurant but mighty in terms of the items on the menu. They sure do put up a show as all their cocktails and signature sangrias are served in small, mighty and mightiest avatars. The special sweet treats called ‘Big Fat Treats’ sure catch everyone’s attention with their choices of dessert items. And if that’s not all, they also have a regular menu that has everything from soups and appetisers to pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, plated meals and China box.

To start with, one can indulge in the ‘Chilli Cheese Lollipops’ which has a crunchy coating that melts in your mouth right away. The jaggery, tamarind and chilli flakes dip is sure to add a twist to the dish. The ‘Kung Fu Chicken’ and the ‘Classic Tandoori Flame Grilled Chicken’ are yet other lipsmacking choices as they both have very distinctive flavours that anyone will love. They hit the right notes in terms of sweet, spice and zest. For the main course, the ‘Roasted Mushroom with Feta cheese and Burnt Garlic Pizza’ is a good crispy, crunchy choice as it also has the right punch of flavours to enjoy. To try something a bit different, the ‘Chicken Nasi Goreng Fried Rice China Box’ is a good choice for those who prefer a bigger meal. And for the ones who crave Indian flavours, you can try the ‘Amritsari chole and kulcha’ and ‘Double appam with ghee roast curry’.

The party further continues when you order the ‘Nutella, Banana, Peanut Butter, Pretzel Crazy Milkshake’ and the ‘Nutella, Ferrero Rocher Layered Cake’. As for the drinks, the ‘Apple and Hazelnut Sangria’ and the ‘Maui Waui Long Island Iced Tea’ are recommended. And if you’re coming with kids, make sure they try the different versions of lemonades they serve, especially the pomegranate and lemon grass lemonade. You can spice up your dining experience and also indulge in the virtual reality games at ‘Smaash’ after eating and have a great time.

To visit the restaurant, head to ‘Mighty Small’ at ‘Smaash’, 2nd Floor, 1 MG Mall, Trinity Circle, MG Road. For details, call 25066900.