Reprimanded, girl ends life

Reprimanded, girl ends life

A 14-year-old girl committed suicide by drinking pesticide at her residence at Ramaswamypalya in Banaswadi on Thursday.

According to the police, the deceased has been identified as Sandhya, a ninth standard student in a private school. Since her parents are not alive, she was residing with her uncle Mohan who owned a puncture shop.

On Thursday, she was upset after Mohan shouted at her for returning home late from school.

She went to bed without having dinner and did not talk to anyone.

On Friday morning, she complained of stomach ache and did not go to school. She consumed poison at around 10 am when Mohan went to open his shop, leaving Sandhya alone at home.

Mohan, who returned home after a few hours, found her lying on the floor and noticed her frothing at the mouth.