Haryana ignored writing on the wall

Haryana ignored writing on the wall

Haryana ignored writing on the wall

The escalating agitation over the Jat quota issue has exposed the state government's “ineptness” to deal with the crisis.

The violent agitation is also been seen as an intelligence failure where the government faltered in assimilating the exact situation that has now spiraled out of control.

The agitation has been underway since the beginning of the week in a limited way only in some parts of the state, essentially Rohtak which has been the epicentre.
The state government on its side claimed they have managed to douse off the agitation after it sent Jat ministers to hold parleys with the protesters.

In fact, just when the government claimed a success of sorts over resolving the issue, matters escalated to an all new high. Violence, arson and vandalism followed and continues to cripple normal life.

A day before the agitation turned violent, the chief minister held talks at his residence in Chandigarh with over 150 Jat leaders.

Talks fail
The government claimed the talks had been successful, but it turned the other way round the very next day.

The government failed to read the mood of the Jat leaders who walked out of the meeting disgruntled.

The developments also indicate the failure of the government to connect with Jat leaders, which is perhaps why the government has not been able to put to rest the agitation despite the chief minister stating everything at his command to pacify the protestors.

The Jat leaders say the government had only been assuring them of an outcome on the issue, but noting concrete took shape. They now want the government to promulgate an ordinance.

The issue of Jat's verses non-Jats is back in focus.

There have been several incidents in the last couple of days when there have been disturbances between the two factions on the issue of protest.

Of the 10 chief ministers of Haryana, seven have been Jats. Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar is a Punjabi, a reason why a majority of  Jats don’t see him as the one who can pursue their cause with sincerity.

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