From a tiny folding scooter to a one-man band

From a tiny folding scooter to a one-man band

From a tiny folding scooter to a one-man band

Laser-tag game that zaps up a shield or ‘bot’ assistants

This new addition to the noisy world of laser tag claims to occupy “the third space between the screen-dominated indoors and the vanishing outdoors”, which means that it has all the hysterical trigger-happiness of a multiplayer first-person shooter without the risk of obesity.

Comprising a garish electronic tunic and a wrist-mounted gun, what sets the SuperSuit apart from its rivals is a collection of outlandish features, including the use of remote control bots, and the ability to create a shield by waving your hand in a figure-of-eight. £140 will buy you enough gear for two players when the game is released later this year.

Let your talent shine as a one-man band

“Take me on a trip upon your magic swirlin’ ship,” sang Bob Dylan, anticipating the Zoom Arq by a good half century. But this tambourine-like device does more than jingle-jangle. The detachable ring hooks up, via Bluetooth, to a base-station that features a bevy of digital effects together with 468 instrument sounds, while the hand-held component boasts pressure pads, a midi-controller — complete with built-in accelerometer — and, crucially, a record button. Launching in April, it will make you the ultimate one-man band, but, with a retail price of $599.99 (around £417), you might need to proffer a large hat.

On the move with a tiny folding scooter

The miniature electrical vehicles craze has now produced this little number: a tiny folding scooter made by Crazyfire. Weighing only 4kg, the ZAR has two skateboard-style wheels at the rear, with suspension and a proper inflatable tyre at the front. Folded, it measures only 40cm in length. The top speed is 20kph, and you can check your journey distance and battery life on the inevitable app. £299 on Kickstarter.

Get a kick out of a football that develops your skills

For the Sunday leaguer who wants to combine their hobby with data-analysis, this sensor-riddled football could provide an edge. InsideCoach gathers information on velocity, spin and even perseverance, and is mainly aimed at younger players. The app that accompanies the ball includes specific skill-training. “Early bird” models are available on Kickstarter for about £70.

No need to get wet with unforgettable umbrella

In an era where no mundane activity must go un-gadgeted, Wezzoo’s Oombrella might well have struck gold. Tapping into the national obsession, this jaunty weather wand promises to do more than merely shield you from the elements. Not only will it let you know if rain is on the way, but it will also upload your local weather data on to a shared platform — handy for those who find glancing at the clouds embarrassingly analogue. What’s more, it will wing you a notification and its co-ordinates should you be remiss enough to lose it on your way home.

Having taken CES, the consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow, by storm earlier this year in Las Vegas, the Oombrella is set to launch on Kickstarter next month, with the first backers getting theirs for €59 (£45).

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