Increased of snake menace in schools

Increased of snake menace in schools

 Snakes have been causing trouble in various government as well as private schools in the border villages of the district. While in Bengaluru it is the fear of leopard, the children in the district have been terrified of snakes.

Though teachers have come up with few remedies to stop snakes from entering schools and classrooms, the problem has not been entirely solved. Though neither teachers nor students have been injured, several schools in the border including S Gollahalli School in Chikkaballapur, Polavarapalli Morarji Desai Residential in Bagepalli taluk are troubled by snakes.

One can be alerted if dogs or leopards are barking or growling but how to find the crawling snakes, questioned the students of S Gollahalli school.

They hiss if we approach and we are terrified, they added. While some hold the snakes in their hands despite the fear, some others harm them. Though snakes hiss, they are helpless once caught. Snakes are usually released in some forest areas otherwise, everyone hurts them by pelting stones or setting them on fire, they said.

“Not all snakes are poisonous. Snake experts must be informed soon after a snake is spotted.

Snakes have been coming to schools in rural and urban regions because of the environmental imbalance and decreasing forest cover,” local resident Manjunath told
Deccan Herald.  Snakes must be immediately released into the forests as soon as they are spotted, he said.