Making luxury sustainable

Making luxury sustainable

Eco-friendly clothes

Making luxury sustainable

Since the last two decades when she started her career as a fashion designer, Purvi Doshi has been trying to revive the traditional arts and crafts of India by using natural fabrics, dyes and hand embroidery for her label.

The intricate motifs and patterns that she uses are inspired from the folk arts of the country and of the Gujarat region she belongs to. However, her creations are an enchanting blend of Indian and Western designs.

 “My label celebrates India’s crafts and weaves by providing a contemporary and sustainable platform. It is an inspiration, which combines traditional techniques with contemporary designs moulded into nature-friendly art. It chronicles and restores heirloom traditions from the heart of our villages and fashions them into contemporary tales, collaborating closely with artisans and helping them create better livelihoods,” says Purvi.

The designer, who has participated in many editions of Lakme Fashion Week, says that her creations reflect the intricate craftsmanship of India. She claims that the USP of her creations is the hand embroideries and the balance it creates in the garments.  

     “My creations are timeless pieces; a person would love to wear them even after 10 years of purchasing,” she says.

She adds, “We work completely on natural resources, so there are certain limitations. We have restricted colours. Also, natural colours bleed; every new lot has a colour variation. But after all the difficulties, when we achieve success, it gives us great pleasure.”
Purvi will soon be launching her latest collection called ‘I Don’t Care’.

Her line of designs comprises Indo-Western silhouettes and styles and colours ranging from hues of blue, green, red and orange.

Explaining the idea behind the collection, she says, “I Don’t care = Sustainability + vegan + khadi + natural colours + love for planet + cruelty-free +hand embroideries. In simple words, it is a collection that expresses my love towards the planet and the other living beings. Be safe, wear safe, keep the world safe!”

Meanwhile, she suggests, “Move towards the fashion which loves you, pampers
you and cares for you.

Adapt sustainable fashion and help in making our world pollution-free and cruelty-free.”

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