DigitalOcean to set up centre in B'luru

DigitalOcean to set up centre in B'luru

DigitalOcean to set up centre in B'luru

DigitalOcean, a US-based developers’ cloud computing platform provider, has announced its plans to open its 12th data centre in India.

With plans to launch the centre sometime in the second quarter of this year, the company plans an investment of $5 million for this year, which includes the setting up of the data centre.

The company already has 58,000 registered users from India, including Flipkart, InMobi, KartRocket and, among others.

“Cloud in India is being led by the startup community, unlike in the West, which is led by enterprise users. Our offering is most cost-effective starting at $5 per month for 512 MB, and going up to $640 per month for 640 GB,” said Karl Alomar, COO, DigitalOcean.

“DigitalOcean has built the simplest infrastructure experience for developers. Besides, the pricing model is also straight-forward,” said Mitch Wainer, Co-Founder, DigitalOcean. Stating that the company is bullish on the startup community here, he said, “With 4.5 million developers and over 4,000 startups taking ground in India in 2015, we are confident about the market as the leading cohort of users are going to be the adopters.”

The company will initiate operations in India with 5-10 people at its data centre, and is in talks with Tata, Reliance and Airtel for network contracts.

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 DigitalOcean to open 12th new data centre in India,
 It plans to invest $5 million over the year, including setting up of the centre
 The company will initiate India operations with 5-10 people at its data centre