Chitravathi mocks Swacchata Abhiyaan in Bagepalli

The Swacchata Abhiyaan to spread awareness about hygiene among residents in both
urban and rural places is barely a few days old in the district.

Representatives of various organisations had joined the government-employed sanitation in their efforts to clean government office premises and also public spaces.
What has apparently escaped the attention of all such hygiene freaks is the condition of the River Chitravathi.

The water in the river that passes through the town remains as dirty as ever – and it has been so for several years now. No cleaning campaign has ever been undertaken anywhere in its vicinity.

Instead, the residents of Bagepalli have converted the river into a dump yard, throwing all sorts of waste into it. In addition, the dirty water has become a thriving zone for various species of insects and helped weeds grow by its side. People who walk by the river always complain of unbearable stench, as several parts of the area are covered in piles of garbage.

Venkatesh, who spoke to Deccan Herald, said, “The bridge across River Chitravathi is to be found at the entrance to the town, making it unavoidable for both, the elected representatives and the government officials, to cross it, to enter Bagepalli. They also cannot escape seeing the garbage heaped adjacent to both ends of the bridge.
But there has been no initiative taken to relieve the area of the waste.”

He criticised the moves of representatives to teach students in both schools and colleges to keep surroundings clean and consume clean water. “In addition, we have had umpteen programmes to popularise cleanliness.

We see so many representatives sweeping the streets on major events or occasions like Gandhi Jayanthi, again, giving priority to hygiene.

None of this concern is reflected in their treatment of the River Chitravathi in town or its condition,” he said with fury.

Suggesting solutions to the problem, Venkatesh said, “The environment will certainly get cleaner if the Swacchata Abhiyaan is undertaken focusing on the River Chitravathi.

The precious river will also be conserved. We can prevent the sewage water from combining with the river water. The garbage bins should be cleared completely. Only then can we have a clean environment in town.”

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