Society sites formed over gomala land face cancellation

Society sites formed over gomala land face cancellation

85 plots carved out in Sarjapur by creating new survey numbers

The sites sold by BHEL House Building Co-operative Society in survey number 47 of Adigaarakallahalli in Sarjapur on the outskirts of the City are on the verge of cancellation as the said land is a government gomala (grazing) land.

Documents available with Deccan Herald show that BHEL society, through its contract with Lion Estates and Properties owned by JD(S) MLC C R Manohar, has encroached upon 67.08 acres of government gomala land in Adigaarakallahalli. Around 85 sites have been formed in survey number 47 by creating new survey numbers.

The society had entered into an agreement with Lion Estates and Properties, represented by C R Gopi and C R Manohar on January 1, 2006. According to the MoU (memorandum of understanding), Rs 375 per sq ft for ‘plotted area’ was the cost agreed upon for a total extent of 100 acres. The MoU was signed along with a payment Rs 25 lakh towards the purchase of land, conversion and incidental expenses, including layout plan with amenities.

According to the MoU, the layout had to be formed within 18 months from the date of agreement. Six years after the agreement, on June 7, 2012, the payment to Lion Estates and Properties was revised to Rs 525 per sq ft, in spite of the failure of the earlier MoU.
Surprisingly, the agreement has a mention about survey number 47, which has an extent of 103.32 acres of government land. Moreover, for the same land, encroached upon for creating the layout, Anekal Planning Authority has sanctioned the layout plan.

“When the society started admitting associate members who are non-employees of BHEL, in excess, and also allotted sites, we filed a complaint with the Registrar of Co-operative Societies and an enquiry was ordered. Meanwhile, we found that over 350 per cent of the sites were sold to associate members,” M A Palani, one of the former employees of BHEL, told Deccan Herald.

An extract of RTC of survey number 47 obtained on December 8, 2015 shows the extent of government gomala land as 103.32 acres. Whereas, within a span of two weeks, on December 22, 2015, the pahani of survey number 47 showed the total extent of government gomala land as only 24.23 acres.

On a complaint by Palani with the district registrar’s office, the registration of sites in survey number 47 has been stayed, while a few members say that there is tremendous pressure on officials to vacate the stay. The Joint Director of Department of Co-operative Societies has formed a committee and initiated an enquiry under Rule 64 and stayed further allotment of sites by the society.