'There was a phase when I was aping other actresses'

'There was a phase when I was aping other actresses'

Candid talk

Neha Dhupia says there was a time when she was unhappy with her work and began following other actresses. Dhupia, who has earned critical acclaim for her performances in films like Phas Gaye Re Obama and Delhi Heights, said in the low phase of her career she decided to conform to the ways of the industry.

When asked if there was a time when she was unhappy with the work she was doing, Dhupia told PTI, “Yes there was. I had started dressing like other actresses. I started wearing contact lenses because we were supposed to. I was doing everything that other actresses were doing. I was following a suit.”

What held the actress together was the unpredictability in her life, as Dhupia said she had initially thought of retiring by the age of 30 and have a family in Rome.

“But I’ve always had a mind of my own. I was educated to believe that I was going to become an IAS officer. I passed my written and all of that. Then I ended up becoming a Miss India and came into movies,” she said.

“I thought I had it all planned out. That by 30, I would retire in some part of the world and have a husband and children in Rome. But that didn’t happen. And that is what has kept me going,” she quipped.

The 35-year-old

Dasvidaniya actress is now seen on the small screen in adventure based reality show MTV Roadies X4. Dhupia, however initially had her reservations about being a part of the popular show. The actress said she does not know if she has made the right decision professionally by signing the show but personally she is very happy.

“I feel very exposed on the show and it’s reality TV. So, emotionally I feel very exposed. And I’ve never revealed that side of myself that I am an extremely emotional person.
“But unfortunately or fortunately now after coming on the journey and after doing the shooting and after meeting the people, personally, its the best thing I could have done to myself. These guys are just phenomenal.”

Dhupia will be seen as a gang leader on the show. Reality TV is a completely new territory for the actress and Dhupia said she was surprised by her own conduct on the show.

“The thing is that I have never done television. I have never done reality TV. I have never been on a show that’s so adventurous and they have cameras in your face all the time and you are just wiping away your tears and you are like, “What is this ? Go away!”

“But the thing is that I am so involved in this show and I thought, ‘Okay there’s going to be 30 days outdoor here. I’m gonna play the part. I’m gonna play the role of a gang leader.’ But you are not playing the role of a gang leader, you are being yourself. And I didn’t think that being myself would get me so emotionally carried away.”