Navratilova, 'nationalists' in Twitter war

Navratilova, 'nationalists' in Twitter war

Navratilova, 'nationalists' in Twitter war

 One might have last seen Martina Navratilova firing aces in tennis courts 10-years ago, but on Monday evening she was the same fiery sports legend when Indian trolls tried to corner her on sedition row involving JNU students.

She was asked on Twitter not to sermon Indians from the United States and see whether she gets some awards in her country for praising terrorists among other things, but she retorted, “How is disagreeing anti-nationalist?”

The trigger for the “Right-wing” twitterati to counter Navratilova came as she tweeted on Monday on a New York Times (NYT) article “What Passes for Sedition in India” that “Ultra-nationalism easily turns into violence at worst, bullying at best.”

On Tuesday, she tweeted to another NYT article–“India’s Crackdown on Dissent”–asking, “Is Pratap Bhanu Mehta right or wrong? Does he know what he is talking about?”
When a twitter user said to her first tweet, “Please first clear your own country then lecture others,” she lost no time in responding, “Not lecturing anyone- but you are just nasty- bye”. “And these days Right-wing extremism seems on the rise. I could be wrong. And I love India between if I didn't care I wouldn’t speak,”  Navratilova said. She also said that it is  “Not anti-Indian to disagree with a particular party”.

“I am not supporting violent anything–Left or Right. Hate communists, hate white supremacy jerks etc,” she responded to another tweet.

Another twitter user said: “Do praise the terrorists who kill citizens and see if you get awarded in USA. Besides we don’t need sermons from NYT or USA.”  “You seem to be more worried about India than Indians themselves. Pls don’t advice unsolicited (sic),” another tweet stated, while another said, “Trust me, you cannot care about India more that patriotic Indians. Right-wing is not an Indian category-each Indian is both Left Wing and Right Wing.”

Another tweet stated, “We just bully the kind of anti-nationals that your country would prefer to bomb. Bullies better than hypocrites.”

To another user who referred to US policies, Navratilova said: “I hate what we have done in Afghanistan , Iraq etc and spoken out against that way before the war… Just FYI.”