Discover love for Pan Asian cuisine

Discover love for Pan Asian cuisine

Down foodpath

My journey began with street cooking in an old place called Nikasi in the southern part of Delhi. As a beginner, I was always keen to learn the work because I was very passionate about cooking. Though it was hard for me when I used to see the chefs handle hot wok in front of fire, it became the grounding for me to learn more. 

The second part started at Gourmet Gallery as a commi (assistant to a chef). The place used to be one of the best at that time when the restaurant business was growing in Delhi. They were serving authentic Chinese and from there, I never looked back. I decided to focus on Pan Asian cuisines and preparation. 

Then I became the first person to start with Chinese cuisine at Hyatt Regency.

 Consequently, we were awarded the best Chinese cuisine award continuously for five years. Now I am with Kylin Premier, Vasant Kunj from last two years. I am enjoying my time by creating and adding new offering to the menu while learning and engaging with my patrons. 

Nothing spells pampering like a hot, steaming bowl of Khowsuey — a Burmese noodle dish. The soupy noodle preparation from Shan state of Burma can be taken as a soup or main course. The preparation is the mix of spicy flavourful coconut milk along with seafood, poultry, and meats, boiled noodle and eggs.

Ghanshyam Thapa

Ingredients*Par boiled yellow noodle                             *Broccoli                                                            *Bok Choy                                     *Chinese cabbage                      *Button mushroom                  *Baby corn                         
Perfecting The Khowsuey Base (makes 4 to 6 bowls)*Coconut milk powder*Curry powder*Red curry paste*Lemon grass*Thai ginger*Sugar*Salt*Broth powder

Accompaniment with Khowsuey *Brown garlic*Brown onion*Roasted peanut*Chopped coriander*Chopped spring onion*Lemon slice*Chilli flakes
Method *Just heat the oil in a pan; add chopped garlic, lemon grass, Thai ginger and sauté.*Once it is golden brown, add the red curry paste, curry powder and mix. Pour in the coconut milk, sprinkle the salt, add broth, sugar and cook till it comes to a boil.*Blanch or steam your favourite vegetables or seafood or meat.*Take the noodles, put in a bowl, add the blanched veggies or meat and pour piping hot Khowsuey base on it.*Garnish to taste with brown onion, brown garlic, coriander, crushed peanut and zing by squeezing lemon juice.