The blissful ballads

The blissful ballads

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The blissful ballads

She was born and brought up in a poetic family. Her parents being writers in Hindi,  she was encouraged her to write verses and recite them even as a child. By the age of nine, she had written a collection of verses in her diary. The only difference between her and her parents  was that she put melodies to her words.

Nirmika Singh of ‘Nirmika & The Few Good Men’  is an independent artiste known for her melodies, peppy and rhythmic, and her live acts Starting her musical journey on stage with her first school choir performance, she moved on to become a part of a retro band. However, her serious relationship with music began in 2011 when she started working on some original creations. 

The artiste, who has presented her live gigs across the country, is now releasing her debut EP ‘Jhoothe’, which features three songs that are introspective yet playful in nature. Composed and directed by her, Nirmika says, “My life as a 20-year-old girl, who was trying to navigate an exciting career, a fledgling relationship and everything else in betwe­en, has inspired my debut EP. For this  project, I have collaborated with inspiring musici­a­ns like flautist Naveen Kumar, Canadian cello player Ja­ke Charkey and violinist Jose Neil Gomes, with whom I have had the honour of knowing and working closely. One of the so­ngs has synths by Vijval Barboza.”

The songs in this EP are unsophisticated yet well-cultured leaving a pleasant earworm.  The fruit of two years of hard work, this Hindi EP has simple and candid lyrics, all inspired by her life choices and experiences. She has playfully used the various figures of speech to derive  artistic yet relatable lyrics. She also provides an insight to her lyrical style saying, “Filled with metaphors and similes, I have used onomatopoeia (words that are named after the sounds they make) in my lyrics. I am a big fan of alliteration and you can see its generous use in my EP.
 Two out of three songs are ballads as the lyrical context demanded this style. But I am equally a fan of happy tempo songs, which you see me using in my live acts.” She looks up to a few artistes like Carole King, Patti Smith, Raghu Dixit and Papon.

 About her independent music path, she says she chose an independent music career over a Bollywood career (playback singing) as she loves the creative freedom. “Bollywood might have a diverse and a democratic space. But I find my indie route to be more satisfying for the endless creative freedom it offers me” However, she agrees that independent musicians do not get the kind of exposure Bollywood artistes get. “We need to build a support system by persuading venue owners to give us a chance, sometimes even over increasing Bollywood DJs.” 

While she has a blooming career in music, she also likes to learn new cooking skills and her alternative career option would be, she says, “A Political Science lecturer at JNU (my alma mater).” Nirmika will be performing on February 26 at Indigo Live Bar. “I will perform the songs from my debut EP. One will also here fresh composition of a Konkani song,” she adds.