'Everybody needs a change'

'Everybody needs a change'

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'Everybody needs a change'

Sandalwood actress Ragini Dwivedi has entertained the audience with roles in action-thrillers and other sweeping performances. She is now trying to do something different in a psychological thriller, ‘Huli Devara Kadu’. She plays the role of a challenged girl in the movie and is extremely excited about how the movie will shape up. 

“It is a conscious decision to work on just one action film a year from now onwards as it can get really exhausting. I have ‘Ranachandi’, an action film slated for release soon. This will be followed by ‘Nanne Next CM’, which is a story about the common man, interspersed with fun elements to make it apt for everyone,” she says. 

Ragini says that the performer needs to be excited about a project to get the audience to watch it. “Everybody needs a change. People get tired of the same scripts and films easily. The film has to interest me as an artiste for me to convince others about it.” Ask her more about the project and she says, “The very fact that it is a genre that I haven’t explored has me excited. The moment I heard the script, I said ‘Yes!’. We shot for three days and the rest of the scenes will be shot soon.” 

Ragini says that there is something about the role which struck a chord with her.

 “My character in the movie is of a girl who lives in a world of hallucinations. She has a strange disorder and finds everything around her problematic. It is a very challenging role and a break from what I have worked on,” she details. Sporting a new look — complete with a fringe cut and bangs — Ragini will also have a gothic look in the movie. She says, “There will be a certain mystical tinge even in the outfits worn by the character to make the role more convincing.”

Another reason why Ragini and the movie’s team is excited is that ‘Huli Devara Kadu’ will be shot at beautiful locations across the State. 

“We intend to shoot at different waterfalls, lakes and rivers in Sirsi, Madikeri and Sakleshpur among other places. There is so much beauty in the place we stay in and this movie intends to use them as a space for the script to unfold,” she says and adds that the movie will also include underwater shots and other aerial scenes.

 “These will not be like the rope shots that are included in action films. The technicality of the shots will charm the audience,” she elaborates. 

Ragini wishes that she could predict what makes a film click with the audience. “It is always important to think from the audience’s perspective. Sometimes, a project might not work as planned. But giving it the best shot is the right mantra,” she says.

She adds that ‘Huli...’ will be a different experience for her as there is a lot of travelling involved. “We will be shooting in dense forests and it is going to be really hard for the team to transport all the equipment around. As for me, it’s been a while since I have jumped into a river and I will be doing just that,” she sums up with a smile.

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