More students to take CBSE exams this time

More students to take CBSE exams this time

More students to take CBSE exams this time

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has recorded an overall increase in the number of students to appear in the upcoming Class X Class XII board examinations.

According to the CBSE, close to 15 lakh students have registered for Class X board examination, which is an increase of students’ participation by 9.12 per cent.
Last year, the board had 13.73 lakh students registered for the examination.
This, subsequently, indicated an increase in the percentage of boys taking Class X board examination by 9.14 per cent and girls by 9.09 per cent this year. 

However,  boys continued to outnumber girls in Class X board examination as the board registered slightly over six lakh candidates from the fairer sex while the registration of boys reached close to 90 lakh.

According to CBSE, a total of 10,67,900 boys were registered for the Class XII board examination this year, showing an increase in the their overall percentage by 2.5 compared to that of last year.

The statistics also indicated the percentage of girls to take Class XII board examination this year would be higher than those of the boys.

The CBSE recorded registration of a total of 6,21,259 boys for the examination this year against 6,07,383 boys last year, showing an increase of 2.28 per cent.  A number of girl candidates registering for the examination this year reached 4,46,641 against 4,32,985, an increase by 3.15 per cent.

The CBSE is set to conduct school-based board examination for Class X from March 10 while the external board examination, conducted for those willing to switchover from CBSE board to CISCE board will start from March 1.