Super fruits for great health

Super fruits for great health


Super fruits for great health

Fruits have always had a health benefit, irrespective of how tasty they can be. Here are five ‘super’ power-packed fruits that you can eat raw and benefit from:


The Chinese-origin fruit has more Vitamin C than an orange. Kiwi is a strong fighter of high-blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. Kiwi is also enriched with folic acid and Vitamin E that keep skin supple, glowing and acne free.

Mango: Rich in Vitamins A, C, B6 and E, beta-carotene, copper and fibre, the tropical fruit is a strong fighter against high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity. Mangoes can also be used to control acne and enlarged pores on the skin.

Lychee: Rich in Vitamin B complex, folates, thiamin and niacin, lychees are strong fighters against flu, early ageing and help in metabolic functions. A polyphenol called oligonol is found in abundance in lychee that helps to protect against harmful UV rays, cancers and overall blood flow.

Pomegranate: This fruit is tangy and rich in many antioxidants that not only promote wellbeing, but also boost immunity. This super fruit has been extensively studied and it shows that it can aggressively fight heart diseases, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Cranberry: An excellent fruit to eat on a daily basis, cranberry fights heart diseases by lowering bad cholesterol and preventing the formation of fatty layer in the arterial walls. Not only are cranberries useful for weight loss, but they also increase metabolism and smooth out a bad digestive system. They are also beneficial for people with kidney stones and can even prevent multiplication of breast cancer cells. The antioxidants present in cranberries reduce the process of ageing and bring a radiant sheen to the skin.

(The author is director, Vedic Line)