A vintage village vaudeville

A vintage village vaudeville

Krishna Rukku
Kannada (U) ¬¬¬
Cast: Ajai Rao, Amulya, Girija Lokesh, Shobharaj, Lakshmi Siddaiah, Swapna Raj, Lekha Chandra
Director: Anil Kumar

Romances seem to be raining on Sandalwood screens. With audiences pampered for choice, picking right one, is virtually toss of coin. Mercifully Anil Kumar’s Krishna Rukku turns out decent outing to troop into.

Not that his rendition of proverbial Krishna Rukmini romance, set amidst mountains and dales, is anything above ordinary.

Still, through his breezy, banter filled cupid caper, director Anil Kumar assuredly regales you. Devoid of crass comedy and needless fights (one sequence), Anil Kumar’s Krishna Rukku, which revolves around Krishna and Rukmini, childhood playmates, who turn soul mates, is easy on the eyes and ears.

Ofcourse, by the time their puppy love turns real one, much water, heartburn flows through playful fights, fisticuffs and juvenile jealousies, before wedded bliss.

The girl’s papa playing typical kamsa, given his nephew is privy to his sexcapades and confronts his feudal ways with farmers. 

Krishna Rukku is not mere romance. There is dose of homilies knit into it, in the form of subtle message for audiences of how innocent, village girls should not fall easy prey for wily guiles of beaus out to exploit them.

Sumptuously shot around Chikkamagaluru’s sylvan surroundings, and fetchingly enacted by lead pair Ajai Rao (a regular with him) and Golden Queen Amulya, as chirpy, bubbly, naive village belle, Krishna Rukku is pleasurable time-pass fare.

Yes, enjoy maadi the boisterous banters and bonhomie of prankster Ajai and headstrong halli girl Amulya.

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