Unravelling the secret recipe

Unravelling the secret recipe

When it comes to the kitchen, it is his playground. I am just happy to sit back and relax.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’: Is that true? May be! For, I never had to pass that exam, thankfully! That does not mean I can’t cook. I mean to say that my husband loves to cook and every good cook loves to feed. Yes, as my friends say, I am the lucky one.

Women are expected to cook while men enjoy the food. When it comes to analysis, they are the first to be the food critics. I had this experience all my life.  “He is married now, he must be having good food” – this is the usual discussion when it comes to cooking after marriage. In my case, it is the other way round. I name it and get a restaurant-grade dish, some of them I can’t even name.

Initially – I mean just after marriage – I prepared fish fry, fried rice and even rasagolla. My friends in Bengaluru used to love my fish fry and rasagolla. So, I thought even he will be amazed to taste it. But within a few days, he made tea first and then chicken, fish, fried rice and what not. I had never expected this and I never dared to cook those items again.

I understood the meaning of role reversal quite early. He can cook a variety of cuisines and I have learnt to help him in the kitchen. After two years of marriage, I now know how to make a perfect tea. Coffee is still in the learning stage.

I can’t cut vegetables the way he cuts. I can’t make a Chinese dish like he does. I can never bake a cake like he does. It is just too professional. He knows the measurement, the technique and, of course, the presentation too. Oh my god, I never knew so many things! He cooks for my friends too. From a welcome drink to a dessert, my friends can have everything at my place. I know now, that when it comes to the kitchen, it’s his playground. I am happy to sit back and relax.

My parents have found a son-in-law who cooks everything. My mom says I should not complain because my husband knows how to cook. Thereby, he has the power of immunity – he gets all the credit for having this bit of expertise. Some people believe that I don’t know cooking because my husband is a chef. Is that true? Well, here’s the truth. I have accepted the fact that I can make ‘ghar ka khana’ while I am also happy to serve his hotel-style food.

My husband does not like his own chapattis but he loves my chapattis. In fact, he never attempts to make chapattis. He loves the breakfast I make and he enjoys eating the roti and dal. In two years, we have learnt that he cannot have his delicious curry without my chapatti and I can’t have a chapatti without a curry. We both love to cook and we both like to feed each other. Therefore, the lesson is this – cook with love.
Love, The chef’s wife