Camaraderie brews in BU's global cultural cauldron

Camaraderie brews in BU's global cultural cauldron

Dance, music events liven up varsity's International Language Fair

Camaraderie brews in BU's global cultural cauldron

It's not everyday that you get to see Japanese nationals sing and dance to the tune of the popular Kannada song “Huttidare Kannada Nadalli Huttabeku’. 

However, at the cultural programme of the ‘International Language Fair’ organised by the Foreign Languages department of Bangalore University (BU) here on Sunday, this performance not only got the audience on their feet but stole the show.

A new addition to the annual language fair this year, the cultural show is aimed at fostering better understanding of various foreign cultures, including the local culture. The Karnataka State Higher Education Council has supported the initiative.    

Rion Itosen, one of the two main Japanese singers, and a grade nine student of DPS, East, said. “I like Kannada songs and practised this particular song by looking at a number of videos.”

Misato Nakamura, an engineer at a construction company and the other main singer in the troupe, said she practised for two to three months to get her singing right.  

Foreign students from around 10 colleges and various foreign nationals residing in the city - Afghans, Nepalese and people from a few African countries -- took part in the cultural programme. This is the first time the language fair received representation from colleges under BU. Earlier, it was only an inter-departmental affair.  

Three foreign students of the Acharaya Institute of Management Sciences, Peenya - Tseliasang Monyamane from South Africa, Mirah Hasimiaima from Madagascar and Mokshada Marcharchand from Mauritius - performed the colourful ‘Sega dance’, a popular dance in Mauritius, with the audience cheering. When asked how she felt about such a platform, Tseliasang said, “After the recent assault on the African student, we did not feel safe. Now, I think it is OK. Platforms like the language fair will help promote better understanding.”