Woofs, purrs and chirps fill the air at third Bangalore Pet Show

Woofs, purrs and chirps fill the  air at third Bangalore Pet Show

It was a Sunday outing for creatures with fur, feathers and fins at Jayamahal Palace. From a Tibetan Mastiff, a brown, furry large canine worth more than Rs 65 lakh, to the humble mongrel, and cats, birds and fish, the ‘Bengaluru Pet Show - 2016 had everything. 

The third edition of the show, organised by Blue and White, had a host of dogs including the large Newfoundland, Great Danes, Saint Bernards and Siberian Huskies.

Speaking on the occasion, Satya Narayan, director of Blue and White, said that unlike other dog shows, this show was open to all participants and there was no entry or registration fee.  “We want to encourage everyone to bring their dogs to the show to have a dog’s day out with family.  Even a stray dog can participate,” he added.

“If you don’t know how to rear a dog at home, don’t buy or adopt it. Bringing up a dog is like having a child and it must be treated like a family member,” say dog experts. Satish S, president of the Indian Dog Breeders’ Association and Cadabom's Kennel, says these four-legged, furry creatures give so much love and affection that one forgets all tensions of the world. It is the duty of the owner to take care of them, he says.  “Once you adopt an animal, it is like bringing a child into the family, you cannot throw away the dog just because you are not able to handle it or it is getting old,” he added. Satish has over 150 dogs, mainly large breeds, housed on a seven-acre farm near Kumbalgodu. 

Argos - K9 Protection Service, providing dog training services, demonstrated a few skills of a well-trained German Shepherd. Director of the firm Christoper Vicky Franklin also educated the crowd about handling dogs and said there was nothing to be sacred of.

Among the stalls at the event were a pet treadmill especially designed for dogs. There are Pet Taxi Services too providing 24-hour pick-up and drop for pets and for helping transport injured street animals to veterinary clinics.


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