Expectant mothers push docs to avoid leap year delivery

Expectant mothers push docs to avoid leap year delivery

Expectant mothers push docs to avoid leap year delivery

Expectant mothers and their family members have been requesting City doctors to help avoid delivery on Monday (February 29), as giving birth on the day will mean celebrating their child’s birthday once in every four years.

They keep their fingers crossed while requesting doctors to either postpone or advance the deliveries slated to happen on February 29.

An anxious Yeshaswini (24), who was given delivery dates around February 29 — and her husband Madhu Gowda — breathed a sigh of relief when she delivered a child on Sunday at Apollo Cradle at Koramangala. “We were also among the people who did not want to have a child on February 29. However, we did have the pain medically induced,”  he said.

Professor at Department of Obstetrics, Kims, Dr Sudha C P has seen many such cases. “We see people from a wide range of socio-economic strata. Surprisingly, everyone seems to be conscious about it. If it is a normal delivery, we counsel the women to let the process happen naturally. Only if it is post-40 weeks and there is no sign of labour pain, we give a buffer time before or after and let the woman choose,” she added.

Basamma (21), whose parents work as labourers, was admitted for delivery at Kims. She confessed that she did not know about the meaning of a leap year. “Someone told me that the date comes only once in four years. I did not want my child to be born on that date,” she said. When doctors jovially remarked that she could save money without having to celebrate the child’s birthday every year, Basamma said her parents never celebrated her birthday. However, she would want her child to have a celebration every year. As luck would have it, she delivered a boy on Saturday night itself.

Dr Gayathri Kamath, consultant, OBG, Fortis Hospitals, said women had similar requests on several other occasions as well. “Women request that their deliveries be postponed. Especially during eclipse, such requests are usual. They also come up with certain dates for delivery based on several social indications,” she added.

Dr Kamath explained that in cases of normal delivery, these requests are not entertained.

Doctors heed requests

Doctors heeded the requests and induced labour pain in 29 expectant mothers at Meenakshi Hospital in Hanumanthangar. They were given medication on Saturday and all of them delivered on Sunday. Dr Bharathi Ramesh, an OBG consultant at the hospital, said: “In one of the cases, we saw a couple argue over the date on which the child should be born. While the dad wanted it to be a leap year, the mother was against it.”