Minimalistic designs

Minimalistic designs

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Minimalistic designs

When she was a child Milly Ghumman would follow her mother everywhere in her fashion boutique. This was happening in a nondescript city of Baheri in the Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh.

“We are five siblings and we were sent to boarding school. So my mother opened a boutique in this small city. So my fascination with colours began with her journey,” says 34-year-old Ghumman.

“Watching her so closely, engrossed in her work and doing something creative was the turning point of my life,” she adds.

But for jewellery designer, life was going to be full of confusion. After graduating college, she enrolled for fashion illustrations course in the National Institute of Fashion Technology.  
“Even then I was confused and didn’t know what to do. I then became a model and got first hands experience with designers and after that styled for a fashion magazine. Looking back, I realise every little part of my life was related to glamour,” she says.

Then she took a break and went to San Francisco and went for wine tasting sessions. Her two sisters were settled in the US so she lived between San Francisco and New York.

She was in the process of getting admission in New York but things got delayed and she got married and shifted to Solan in Himachal Pradesh.

“Now I really needed to figure out what I had to do with my life. I knew it had to be something creative, so I decided on making jewellery. I studied the market comprehensively and realised minimalistic designs were missing,” she says.

Targeting this segment she launched her label MYO two years ago. The handcrafted designs are edgy and contemporary, yet delicate and chunky. “I believe in stacking and layering. And my jewellery goes with this philosophy,” she says, adding her front open choker can be worn both ways and one of her three-layered piece is called ‘collapsible choker’ because it is easy to pack.

She also doesn’t believe in mass production and is happy supplying to selective shops and online portals. “You really don’t want to run into someone who is wearing the same piece. All my clients like this exclusivity and it does work,” she says.