'Indian cinema remains faithful to its audience'

'Indian cinema remains faithful to its audience'

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The 88th Academy Awards 2016 have now been declared. Even though Indian films didn’t make it to the Oscars, yet it was a proud moment for all fans to see our home-grown face Priyanka Chopra, who made her Oscar debut, dazzle the red carpet as one of the presenters. But there is another Indian face that has been associated with this prestigious award since 1982, and not many people knew about it. He is Kabir Bedi, one of the voting members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, a jury responsible for deciding the the Oscar Awards. 

“Oscars is one of the oldest and popular film awards of the world. Being one of the voting members of such prestigious award is always a privilege. But it comes with a great sense of responsibility,” he tells Metrolife.

Explaining the process of voting, Bedi adds, “There are 23 categories like acting, singing, cinematography for which experts from the respective films nominate the best options. Once this phase is over, everyone can vote for anyone in any category. Every voting member is provided with DVD’s and it is ensured that everyone individually watches it and by the time Oscars come, we sort of know whom to vote for.”

Bedi, who has featured in a number of Bollywood movies along with many foreign ventures like the James Bond film Octopussy and Bold and Beautiful among others, believes that there is a lot of similarity between Indian and Western cinema in terms of technology and other aspects.

“Indian cinema has evolved enormously in recent times in terms of language, technology. But no matter how big these changes are, Indian cinema remains faithful to its audience,” he says.

But when the question of Indian movies winning the Oscars comes, there are two disadvantages which he points out, “The first drawback is that our movies can be nominated only in the foreign film category. Secondly, when it comes to such prestigious awards, European films are more preferred than the Asian ones.”

One difference that Bedi points out there is a lot of improvisation on the sets while shooting, which Americans avoid. “They believe in preparations before the shoot begins.”
The actor will be next seen in Himesh Reshammiya’s Terra Surroor and the much-awaited epic drama Mohenjo Daro, a Ashutosh Gowariker’s film starring Hritik Roshan, releasing August 2016. Bedi’s next Hollywood project is Louis Nero’s The Broken Key starring along with Rutger Hauer.