App answers all RWH queries in an instant

App answers all RWH queries in an instant

App answers all RWH queries in an instant
You can now get all the information you want on rainwater harvesting (RWH) on your mobile phone.

The Karnataka State
Council for Science and Technology (KSCST), with support from Unesco, has developed ‘RWH Advisor’, a mobile application that answers all queries on rainwater harvesting like the size of the tank required to install a rainwater harvesting system, how much it costs and experts in the neighbourhood who can take up the work.

All one has to do is download the app from Google Play Store, install it in on the smartphone and fill in the required information.

The app then provides details related to rainwater harvesting with the phone numbers and addresses of the locally available experts.

Web version of RWH Advisor also available. “Understanding the importance of domestic water use and its growing demand, KSCST has researched on rainwater harvesting and has developed this technological solution,” said prof S Subramanian, secretary of KSCST.

An advisory
Dr Bhanu R Neupane, representative of Unesco, said in a press meet on Monday that the world was facing scarcity of water, food and knowledge and the application and the web version of RWH Advisor will cater to the needs of those who wish to adopt rainwater harvesting at their homes and offices.

A R Shivakumar, principal investigator-RWH, said this application and the web version have data of all the states and act as an advisory to those who want to adopt the rainwater harvesting.