Happy on the highway

Happy on the highway

Club culture

Happy on the highway

Riding a bike is a liberating experience believes ‘Bike Nation’, an informal group of bikers. Bikes, and everything that revolves around them, is what binds together this group and their families.

‘Bike Nation’ was started by Sony and Lloyd who first met during one of the biking
expeditions. The numbers kept swelling and today, the group has people from diverse age groups and professions.

“We have covered almost all of Western Ghats, a few Hill Stations, Leh and Ladakh. We also hope to do a cross-country ride sometime soon,” explains Lloyd.

“If one of us buys a new bike, then all of us come together to see it, perhaps ride it and try to understand more about its functioning. It’s like bringing a newborn home,” beams Lloyd.

The rides serve as a great stressbuster, observes Sony, a businessman.

“The long rides eases tension. I notice every time I return from a long ride, my mind is refreshed and there’s more clarity in thought and action. I make better decisions,” he claims.

The group’s bikes range from Royal Enfield and Triumph Motorcycles to Harley-Davidson. These are not only expensive but require a lot of maintenance as well, says Suresh N, a member of the group.

Explaining how they maintain the bikes and procure the spare parts, Suresh says, “We always manage to get the spare parts and if one of us gets stuck, there’s always another member to pitch in and tell us where to get them.”

Riding together helps build identity and make new contacts, adds Samuel, another member of the group.

“We always have strangers identifying us thanks to our bikes. They ask us about the bike and its make. This interaction leads to a conversation and it  soon turns into friendship,” he says. 

The members say riding together is also about being disciplined, dedicated and committed to not breaking the rules of biking.

“The group sends out a clear message — that they come together to tour, explore and not to speed. None of us ever break the rules,” reason Lallu Prasad and Ganesh, the youngest members of the team.

The group says its trips are not only adventurous but educative too.

“During our rides, we get to learn so much about the culture, food habits and the way of life of people in different parts of the country. We always make it a point to stay with the local people, have their food and interact with them,” says Sudhir, who always travels with his wife Dr Trupthi, who is a good rider herself.

 Sometimes, these rides also turn out to be a family affair.

“At times, our families come along and this makes the ride truly memorable. We then mix riding with a family vacation,” adds Sudhir.  

Riding brings with it a lot of excitement but safety is of utmost importance, reiterates Preethan, another member of the group.

“There’s a lot of planning that goes before every ride. We make sure we wear our helmets whether we are riding on a highway or within the city limits. We
promote safe driving practices at all times,” says Preethan.

(The group can be contacted on 97400708689740070868)
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