Puranas, eternal guidelines for devotion

Puranas, eternal guidelines for devotion

The Puranas constitute an ancient body of Hindu liturgical literature, which describe the exploits, glories and supremacy of the numerous gods of the Hindu pantheon. Leaving aside these often supernatural and unbelievable descriptions, an unbiased reading reveals profound truths, which are eternal guidelines for right conduct and devotion.

For one who seeks, gems are to be found in this vast ocean. That divine grace is indispensable for life is an acknowledged fact among believers. It is this grace that the Vishnupurana asks for when saying, “O Goddess, those who are abandoned by you are also abandoned by goodness, truthfulness, purity, good conduct and meritorious deeds. Pray, grant us your grace by not abandoning our house, our family and our possessions.”
This brings to mind the words of the great saint Purandaradasa who says, “For those whom the Lord blesses, no other grace is necessary and, for those who are not the recipients of his grace, what can any other power on earth do?”

Every religion of the world recognises the sun as a living entity that nurtures life on earth. The Vishnupurana urges man to pay obeisance to that supreme effulgence when it says the scientifically acceptable words “obeisance to the Sun God, in the absence of whose rise, there would be no life on earth, where people would not be able to carry out their good deeds, where the waters would not become purified. Obeisance to that
first of the gods, the stimulator, the illuminator, who is the source of everything pure, at the touch of whose rays the world becomes fit for action”.

That divinity inheres in all beings is again an universal truth. How one recognises this inner presence and tailors his life determines one’s character, actions and material well-being.

The Markandeyapurana mirrors this truth when it says, “You are prosperity in the dwellings of the virtuous, indigence in the hovels of the sinful, you are mental equipoise and balance in the minds of the devout, you are faith in the good and you are restraint and humility in the god-fearing. Those who seek your grace are indeed blessed and will see well being.”

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