The story that clicks

The story that clicks

Picture perfect

The story that clicks

There are no dearth of stories around us and photographer Vivian Ambrose aims to convey those through his camera. He was curious about cameras ever since he was a child.This curiosity got the better of him and he took to photography as an adolescent. From wedding and travel to fashion photography, Vivian works hard to tell an interesting story.

    He also runs his company ‘My Photographer’, which has garnered plenty of hits on
social media websites. He chats with Anushka Sivakumar about his interesting journey and the challenges pervading in the industry.

How did you decide to choose photography as your profession? Tell us your story.

It was all because of my upbringing. My father was an ardent photographer. We had a couple of cameras at home — about 7 film cameras.

I was curious and started clicking random pictures such as of those people around me, their shadows and my surroundings. My father also taught me technical aspects of photography like the interplay of light. I learnt photography gradually. In film cameras, the output won’t be as how one wants it. We have to wait until the film is developed. I would eagerly wait for the film to be washed and developed so that I can see my picture, more than waiting for my exam results. Soon, people at home realised that I had an eye for photography.

What kind of photographs do you take?

People generally take up wedding photography or work on corporate shoots to make money through photography. I do a lot of wedding photography. I am also into travel and fashion photography. However, I love wedding photography the most because the story plays out like I am reading a book. The event is unique and no other photographer can present the story of a wedding like another.

Can everyone be a photographer if they have a DSLR? What are the key qualities a photographer must have?

Every youngster has a DSLR now because they have a lot of disposable income and its prices are low. People take pictures with their phone cameras as well. For me, a photographer is someone who tries to capture something creative and different in a mundane subject. The photographer should also be able to tell a story since I strongly believe that a picture is equivalent to a 1,000 words.

How does your idea evolve when you start work?

The picture is in my head. The camera is just a tool as I already know what I have to capture. I wait for something interesting to happen when I am at a location and work towards capturing something different and something that the human eye cannot perceive.

Has the advancement of technology killed creativity?

I don’t think so. It doesn’t matter what tools people use as long as they show what they want to.

The essential element is to concentrate on their subject clearly. However, the bigger challenge is that since pictures  can be shot easily, people go on clicking randomly and the value of a picture is lost.

The process becomes quite frivolous. It’s fine if one wants to experiment with the genre and learn but if people go on clicking without understanding what they are doing, it harms the art.

What is you next project?

I am going to shoot for a wedding in Udaipur next week.
    I also work on videos for SwissNex, the Embassy of Switzerland in India.  

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