Nritya Namana

Nritya Namana

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Nritya Namana

Nritya Namana

Padmini Ramachandran (1944-2016) was a reputed dance performer, teacher and choreographer. Her students paid rich tributes to her through “Nritya Namana” under the aegis of Ananya, last week. They opened the programme with a Pushpanjali customarily, followed by a Ganesha Stuthi (Sri Maha Ganapathim Bhaje) in the raga Attana.

Students from 15 to 40 years performed different items like Kruthi, Devaranama, Thillana, etc. “Navarasa” in the “Jaganmohana” – is one of the popular items, choreographed by Padmini Ramachandran. She had selected different episodes from Purana, to narrate different “Rasas,” like Madurai Meenakshi for “Shringara” and Neelakanta for “Bheebathsa.” While Shilpa Nanjappa chose “Bagilanu Theredu”, the “Kanjadalaya Takshee” was selected by the duo Keerthana Ravi and Shruti Gopal. The programme concluded with a thillana by Keerthi Ramgopal in the raga Brindavani. It was proof of their good training they have received from Padmini Ramachandran.


Regular audience of the MES Kalavedi had a different experience on Saturday, when they heard Trimukhi, the fusion ensemble.

With Shadrach Saloman on keyboards, Sameer Rao on Bansuri, Adarsh Shenoy on tabala and Karthik Mani on drums and led by R A Ramamani, the team presented Carnatic, Hindustani, western, folk and even Turkish music!

Ramamani opened the programme with “Mahaganapathim” with brief swara. Based on Kharaharapriya and its “Janya” ragas, “The Heart Sky” started with Khanda chapu tala. A brief alap by Ramamani with her high pitched voice and the improvisation on Bansuri – was another attraction of the item. Though the next composition started with “Bhogindra Shayanam” (Swathi Tirunal), was gradually changed to an attractive jazz tune.

In the next item Karthik Mani on Konakol in Mishra Nade and Adarsh Shenoy on tabala in Khanda Nade – with audience participation, was another exhilarating experience. Rag Thodi of Carnatic music took different colour and flavour in Fidaida! In the song “Lucky Day” Ramamani sang Thana in 3 speeds and concluded with a brisk “Thani” of the percussionists. They also presented “Bombeyaatavayya” in Malayamaarutha and the familiar “Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma.” It was a different experience and a welcome change from the routine concerts.

Tributes to Haridasas

The Bangalore Lalithakala Parishat presented a vocal concert, exclusively of Haridasa compositions. The vocalist T S Rama is a familiar artiste to music lovers of Bengaluru. She holds a double post graduate (in both Music and History) degrees and a “A-Top” grade artiste of Akashavani. A recipient of award from the Karnataka Sangeetha Nritya Academy, Rama is now serving the music Department of the Jain College.

In the current concert Rama saluted to the invocatory God through a composition of Vyasa Rayaru, followed by a devaranama (Bhaktajana Paripalaya) of Vijayadasaru. After a ugabhoga (Deena Nanu Samastha Lokake) the Pada “Yena Bedali Ninna Balige Bandu” was also pleasing.

Brief introduction of Haridasas before every composition was informative and useful. Shubha Pantuvarali alapana and swara prasthara for “Aparadha Enisadale Kayabeko” (Jagannatha Dasaru) were complimentary to the raga. It was proof of Rama’s expertise and talent and a good tribute to Haridasas of Karnataka. She also sang compositions of Prasanna Venkata Dasaru, Hellavanakatte Bheemavva and of course of Purandara Dasa. S Yashasvi, N Vasudeva and B Bhagyalakshmi gave good support on violin, mridanga and morching, respectively.

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