Steeped in reality

Steeped in reality

Steeped in reality
Versatile actor Anant Nag instantly fell in love with the story of ‘Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu’ not only because the script was original and fresh but also because he found the director Hemanth Rao, to be an extremely talented storyteller. Anant says this is possibly the best script that he has heard in the last two or three decades.

The project dwells on several socially relevant issues and the actor thinks it will be an eye-opener for the older folk, while youngsters will be able to totally relate to the script.

He is also thrilled with the pool of actors he is working with — Sruthi Hariharan and Rakshit Shetty. In an interview with Nina C George, Anant talks about why he thinks the story is not the usual run-of-the-mill, commercial stuff.

What’s your character in the film?

I play the role of a retired, middle-class man who loses his wife to cancer and lives with a son who is obsessed with making it big in his career. The son has no time to look after his father and leaves him in an old age home. I play the father. The story deepens only after the father is left in the old age home.

What makes you feel the story is connected to reality?

Earlier, there were joint families and there would always someone at home, to look after the children and the aged. Today, with the concept togetherness has changed with a lot of people opting to live in nuclear families. Youngsters who are ambitious and career-driven tend to overlook the needs of their aging parents. This is what is happening in reality and the story reflects this.   

About weaving a crime track into the script...

The director has brilliantly woven a crime track into the script. The father is affected with ‘arulu-marulu’ (forgetfulness) and innocently gets caught in a criminal conspiracy and becomes one of the targets. We have in reality seen so much of crime take place around us, that we have sort of become numb to the whole process. A few scenes in the film will create an awakening of sorts.

How have you changed your appearance for the film?

There’s no make-up in the film and in some of the scenes, I’ve also had a very close haircut. My costumes, look and appearance have been decided by the director. He has worked on the smallest of details (in my character) to make it appear

Was playing the character an emotionally-draining process?

Playing the character to perfection was indeed an emotionally-draining process. There are very intense scenes. Although, this is Hemanth’s debut project, he was in complete control of what was going on and knows how to translate his vision into reality.
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