A cracker of a romantic comedy

A cracker of a romantic comedy

Jai Maruthi 800
Kannada (U/A) , Director: A Harsha
Cast: Sharan, Shruthi Hariharan, Shubha Punja, Sadhu Kokila, Arun Sagar, Saurav Lokesh, Madhu Guruswamy

Hats off to director Harsha and Hasya Samrat (King of Comedy) Sharan. They deliver a festival delight in Jai Maruthi 800. Full of fun and frolic, peppered with romance and rivalry, the director-actor duo turns Jai Maruthi 800 into a bellyful of bawdy and nonsensical laugh riot.

Despite misgivings with the film’s stale and staple story of feuding factions and eternal enmity and rainmaker coming to set things right, Jai Maruthi 800 turns out a bemused and bewildering, boisterous watch.

Never wavering from its intent of providing unmitigated humour, however loony and ludicrous the narrative may seem, you have to give it to Harsha and Sharan for carrying the tomfoolery with aplomb and providing engaging, entertaining 155 minutes of maniac madness.

Sharan plays orphan Jeeva, who, following the death of his bosom buddy Raghu in an accident, vows to save Raghu’s mother and two sisters from the clutches of megalomaniac Narasimha who has imprisoned them to avenge the death of his kid brother Jaisimha.

Even as he tries to bring about a peaceful rapprochement between the blood thirsty Narasimha and Veerasimha, he gets entangled with Geetha, daughter of Veerasimha, by whom he is smitten, and Smitha, sister of Narasimha, who falls for him.

With ample doses of rib-tickling comedy and modest bloody action, Harsha and Sharan ensure Jai Maruthi 800 makes for merry and mirthful weekend at movies. Giving the film necessary pep and zip are Shruthi and Shubha, who, despite their pretty prop roles, live up to it and Arjun Janya’s hummable score picturised in sumptuous prêt costumes and visually coveting backdrops.

If sitting back and enjoying three hours of inanity as entertainment is your idea of entertainment, then Jai Maruthi 800 is your ticklish ticket.

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