A technicolour dream

A technicolour dream

A technicolour dream
He was 14 years old when he started producing music but Gregory ​Feldwick​ aka ‘Slugabed’ didn’t take it seriously until a little later, when he spun his sounds into a successful career.

The British bass music producer, who will perform at Church Street Social on April 15, enjoys experimenting with different rhythms and beats, which is why his music has been termed ‘technicolour’. With influences from hip hop, dubstep and more, he knows exactly how to manipulate music production softwares to create new experiences. In a chat with Ananya Revanna, he talks about music production and how it’s like a video game addiction.

You started producing music at a pretty young age...
Yes, but I never took it seriously then; it was just fun (it still is, and that’s why I do it). As a kid, I was horrible at playing video games and pretty uninterested in them but when I discovered music production softwares, it was like a video game I’d always wanted! I feel a need to create stuff, as a lot of people do, and music is universal. I struggle to imagine why anyone would not want to do it.

What kind of music did you start with?
It was always hip hop influenced but weirder sounds because I’ve never been able to stick to a genre. I get distracted and start doing other things to it. At times it goes back to being hip hoppy and at others, it gets more clubby or a little too weird. That’s part of the fun for me though. I could never be happy just making one style and getting really good at it and really rich and famous. Actually it sounds okay but I physically can’t do it. Music is a thing I do for myself, and if I’m lucky enough, it becomes something other people can also enjoy!

Biggest goof up you’ve made while playing at a gig and how you got past it...
One time I was setting up to DJ Roska at Berghain and I leaned over to plug in a cable and my cap poked the ‘pause’ button on the CDJ that was playing. The whole place fell silent and Roska looked at me like I was a prick. I never got past it and I still have nightmares.

A genre of music you wouldn’t go near.
Every type of music has its merits. I might not enjoy all of it, but it’s always worth giving it a try.

A music act that made you go ‘wow!’ within the first 30 seconds of hearing it?
Cortex. They are a French jazz funk band that made one of my favourite LPs called ‘Le Troupeau Bleu’.

An underground artiste who you think should be played on loop?
Sega Bodega.

If you could go back in time, which music era would you choose to live in?
I would have loved to see Nick Drake sing. Other than that, I pretty much like the era we are in.

Do you play any instrument?
I love playing the piano and drums, but I’m not good at them. I used to blow badly into a clarinet a little bit too. I enjoy making noises with anything but I can’t exactly join an orchestra.

Do you have a ritualbefore going on stage?
A few beers!

Do you believe in luck?

How did you make a name for yourself in such a competitive music scene?

What are the top 3 songs on your playlist right now?
Oneohtrix Point Never - ‘Sticky Drama’, Sega Bodega - ‘Sun Loop’, Taylor McFerrin - ‘Postpartum’ (Dorian Concept remix).
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