Layered protection - New 'n' happening

Layered protection - New 'n' happening

Layered protection - New 'n' happening

Layered protection

3M India launched a new range of multipurpose window films, perfect for buildings of all kinds. These unique films reject up to 79% of the sun’s heat ensuring a host of advantages such as moderating temperatures indoor, turning up the efficiency of the air conditioning system and reducing energy costs.

3M designed the multilayer ultra-thin high performance window films, which use multiple layers of micro-thin polyester which are designed to outperform all other films. Multiple micro-layers also help in rejecting infrared energy, thus reducing heat gain inside building due to solar radiation. 3M window films significantly reduce glare and provide occupant’s comfort for better productivity.

During disasters such as bomb blasts and earthquakes, these window films help keep flying glass from harming inhabitants and in many circumstances, will help keep out wind and rain even after glass break. 3M window films are also helpful in deterring street crime by holding the glass in place even when criminals try to smash them.

Stress-free cooking

Tupperware ‘Inspire series’ is an innovative cookware range from Tupperware; the world’s leading brand in food preparation and kitchen storage solutions. The ‘Inspire series’ —includes Inspire Casserole, Inspire Frypan and Inspire Saucepan — are all designed to provide cooking on low heat, which gives you a healthy and nutritious dining experience.

The cookware features a smart lid with a dual-use vapour-vent valve, which allows traditional cooking in a healthy manner with minimal oil and water. The smart valve feature helps food cook in its own moisture, which keeps the essential nutritional content of the food intact and makes for healthy eating. With this technology, you can preserve all the food-flavours and their essential vitamins and minerals, thereby, making your meals healthier and power-packed.

The advantages of this cookware include anti-ageing, anti-cancer, weight loss, heart health and many more. Inspire series’ waterless cooking is also faster than traditional meal preparations, which means less waiting time and far lesser consumption for cooking fuel. Now, not only do you have the option to prepare healthy dishes conveniently and quickly, you can also save money on your water, electricity and gas bills!

A splash of colours

VitrA, the leading bathroom solutions brand of Eczacıbaşı Building Products Division in Turkey introduces fascinating range of colourful washbasins. The Water Jewels Series, which was created by the Italian designer Matteo Thun, together with the VitrA Design Team, was also designed with this purpose. To be able to carry the brightness and colours to the bathroom. This series artfully showcases the designs of ceramic washbasins finished with brilliant metallic coatings that draw inspiration from traditional Turkish craftsmanship.

This collection’s seemingly simple form and function are enhanced to incredible effect with PVD coatings, a state-of-the-art process of vapourising and depositing metal powder onto a surface, which remains corrosion- free and scratch-resistant. The Water Jewels Collection is available in gold, copper, platinum and traditional white gloss and suitable for bench mount, semi-inset and under counter installation; the basins add texture, depth and a unique identity rarely seen before in bathroom design.

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