To stay safe while travelling solo

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To stay safe while travelling solo

Solo travelling has become a big trend among many in India. Today, there are many who are willing to take the plunge of travelling on their own to explore the world on their own terms.

At the same time, travelling solo also gives you the opportunity to indulge yourself fully and come out of your comfort zone as well. However, at the same time, while you may enjoy the thrill of travelling by yourselves, what will concern you is our safety in an unfamiliar surrounding.

This is especially true for women and poses a unique challenge for them.
However, with proper precautions, solo travelling can be a whole lot safer. So, here are some valuable tips that women need to keep in mind to have a great
travelling experience:

Stash the cash: Never keep all your cash in one place. Always keep your valuables in different places, be it in a bag, inside pocket of jacket, socks, hip pocket. This would prevent losing all your valuables in one go and you will have a backup during bad times such as a theft.

Don’t act as a solo traveller: Avoid revealing to people that you are traveling solo. This would help to lessen the chances of being vulnerable to any suspicious person around you. In case you get in any uncomfortable situation; try to communicate with nearby people, preferably females.

Wrap the map: Avoid seeing a physical map all the time in front of public or even in a rental car. This may lead someone to misguide or harm you. Instead use a GPS navigator on your mobile to figure out the directions to reach your destinations.

Opt for reputed hotels: Always choose a hotel which is well known in your opted holiday destination that also has good safety records. To your best, try to avoid independent accommodation. Additionally, also share the hotel details with your family and friends before leaving for the trip.

Relationship status: While booking a hotel or filing your details at any other food outlet, always pretend to be married. This can prove to be helpful to some extent as a way to ward off suspicious people.

Note all emergency numbers: As they say, precaution is better than cure. Hence, it’s always good to have all the emergency numbers saved in your mobile or a diary. This can help a lot in any kind of calamity.

Stay confident: Always act confident while talking to the locals. In case they ask if it is your first time, say no firmly. Additionally, always tell that you visit the place quite often and/or have relatives staying nearby.

Act smart while riding in a cab: While taking a cab ride or any other mode of transportation, make a call to someone close and indirectly convey the cab details. Make sure that the driver is listening to your conversation while you are sharing his cab details.
n Travel during the day: While planning your trip, always ensure that you arrive at your destination during daytime. This will give you a chance to explore the destination well. However, if you are unable to reach your destination during the day, ask your hotel to send a cab instead of hiring any taxi off the road.

 Have a safety kit: Carry a few personal safety items such as a pepper spray, a Swiss knife and a whistle. These items will somewhere make you feel confident while you are on your trip and can be very useful when required.Travelling alone gives you the chance to indulge yourself fully. While travelling solo may present some concerns for a traveller, especially for women, but with a little preparation, you can get through the rough spots easily. Happy travelling!

(The author is founder, WeTravelSolo)

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