Gastro cases up, docs see 'mild outbreak'

Gastro cases up, docs see 'mild outbreak'

Gastro cases up, docs see 'mild outbreak'

A mild outbreak of gastroenteritis is being reported in localities where Karaga and Ramanavami festivals were celebrated last month.

The Epidemic Diseases Hospital (Isolation Hospital) has been seeing around 20 cases of gastroenteritis every day since the last week. While Ramanavami was celebrated two weeks ago, public distribution of butter milk and lemonade is still going on in some parts of the city. The beverages are also distributed during Karaga.

“People tend to consume uncooked salad that are served in an unhygienic way. Sometimes, the water added to the juice and butter milk is contaminated. This leads to gastroenteritis,” Dr Ansar Ahmed, medical superintendent, Isolation Hospital, told Deccan Herald.

Those complaining of diarrhoea and vomiting are being treated as outpatients while those with severe conditions are being hospitalised.

“Since last week, we have been seeing close to 20 cases every day. Around seven patients need hospitalisation,” he said. The number of gastroenteritis patients is, however, lesser than last year. The hospital saw around 150 cases in April last year.

Dr Veerana Gowda, head, Department of Internal Medicine, Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, said that most of the patients were recovering in a day or two. “There have been no cholera cases this time. We are expecting a spurt in gastroenteritis cases after summer rainfall,” he said. With increased dust, upper respiratory infections are also going up, he added.

Syncopal attack

As the temperature rises, there are cases of travellers fainting This usually happens because of high temperature and dehydration, Dr Ahmed said.