Biogas plant at Laxmi Bai Nagar

Biogas plant at Laxmi Bai Nagar

Biogas plant at Laxmi Bai Nagar

The NDMC will soon come up with a biogas plant in Laxmi Bai Nagar. The council will collect green waste from houses in its jurisdiction and send it to the plant for biogas production.

The project is a part of the smart city proposal of the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC).
Around 500 kg of waste – which will include garden and food waste – would be processed every day to produce biogas plant. The biogas produced will be utilised as a cooking fuel as a substitute for LPG. The gas produced from the plant at Laxmi Nagar will be supplied to Indira Niketan Girls’ Hostel in the area where it will be used for cooking.

The council will be responsible for supplying electricity and water for the installation and maintenance of the plant. It will also monitor the plant after an outsourced agency commissions the plant.

“The tenders for installation, commissioning and maintenance of the plant has already been floated. The waste which will be processed in this plant will be organic. NDMC will collect segregated waste of food and also dried leaves, flowers from its parks and send it to the plant. The transportation cost will also be minimum as the plant will be situated in the council area itself,” said an NDMC official.

“This will turn out to be a self-sustainable project in the long run. But it is difficult to come at the conclusion at the moment on the amount of biogas that will be produced. The plant installed will have the capacity to process 500 kilos of waste daily,” said the official.
The life of the plant will be at least 20 years.

Biogas can be produced from green or food waste, agricultural waste, sewage and manure. It can be used for various purposes.

It is an economical method to produce fuel from waste.

The council will use the manure for horticultural purpose and take away the waste which cannot be processed by the plant. “It will be taken care of that there is no foul smell in the area where the production takes place,” said the official.