They sweat it out

They sweat it out

Working out

They sweat it out

Fitness is something most people like to take seriously. While few slacken when it comes to keeping fit, there are many who still find the time to work out and eat right on a busy day. A few fitness enthusiasts in the city speak about their life that revolves around exercising religiously and eating healthy everyday and share a few tips.

Kevin Aiyanna, a fitness freak, claims that he goes to the gym 6 days a week. He says that his father is his inspiration as he is an adventure enthusiast and also likes exercising. 

    Since diet plays an important role in fitness, Kevin mostly tries to cook his own food, ensuring that it is healthy and nutritious. “We are what we eat. I eat at regular intervals rather than take 3 heavy meals a day. In fact, diet plays 70% of the role in keeping fit while exercise makes up the rest 30%,” he says. It is a strict diet that Kevin sticks to. During parties, he does indulge a bit but sees to it that he does not binge on anything.

He highlights that a lot of people lack the motivation to exercise. Unsatisfactory results make them quit because they are ignorant of the fact that proper results manifest only after months of working out. “Find a training buddy or make friends at the gym to keep you motivated,” he advises.

However, he feels that one mustn’t compare themselves with others at the gym since everyone has different goals and limitations; they should just track their own progress.
“Go work out and see how good you feel! It becomes addictive. It is amazing what we are capable of, if we tap into our potential correctly. Everyday is an opportunity to get stronger, both physically and mentally,” says Samira Abraham, another fitness enthusiast. As one starts exercising and decides to stick to it, they will see positive changes gradually and wouldn’t want to stop. One also ends up sleeping and eating better.

 Samira goes on to say that it is very important to train under the right person as there are a lot of places where trainers are not experienced enough. Prioritising is also important as it is easy to make excuses and not find the time. Rather, one has to make time for it. She feels that there is a need to have more events and competitions for women as fitness for females is picking up.

Samira says, “Fitness is an integral part of my life. Clear your mind of can’t and always give things a try.” According to her, nutrition is equally important. Proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vegetables and fruits are a must along with keeping oneself hydrated.

A model, football player, amateur guitarist and artist, Atlee Afroz is a trainer at ‘A3 Performance’, a sports fitness centre. The fitness trainer works out 5 times a week. He realised that fitness is of utmost importance when he started playing football as it is the key to performing better.

Atlee claims that his biggest inspiration is his mentor Prasanna Sai, the head exercise coach. “It is very important to set goals during the process of getting fit. Self-motivation gives you the drive to push harder each day,” he says. He loves working out in the afternoon because he feels that it is the best time, as it tests one’s limit with the heat. Atlee’s top 3 workouts are squats, box jumps and deadlifts. He says that these exercises have a certain thrill to them. Besides, fitness gives him a chance to learn something new and challenging everyday.