A passion for punk

A passion for punk

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A passion for punk

Punk On Toast’, a punk rock band based in Mumbai, will perform on May 8, 8 pm, at BFlat in Indiranagar.

    The band features

Aditya Naik on guitars and vocals, Kalidas Shenoy on drums, Prathamesh Sandansing on bass and vocals and Yogesh Lokare on guitars and vocals.

   The band’s influences include bands like ‘NoFX’, ‘Bad Religion’, ‘Rancid’, ‘Social Distortion’, ‘Rise Against’, ‘Ramones’, ‘Blink 182’ and ‘Green Day’. They are extremely popular for their punk leanings. Catchy songs, an extraordinary stage presence and a passion for punk are what sets them apart. Right from performing on a stage in Goa to singing at the top of a truck; the band has garnered a large number of fans in local circles. 

The band was first formed by Suyog, the former drummer, Yogesh and Aditya in 2009. Since then, the sound of the band has evolved quite a lot. The band has played and headlined gigs at many top venues in and around Mumbai.

 They released a 5­-track EP titled ‘For Hire’ last year. ‘For Hire’ captures the range of their earliest material, that was written down when the band was formed in 2009. The EP comprises core punk songs with hard-hitting lyrics. ‘Democracy Is A Lie’ and ‘God’s Own City’ are some of their best songs.

‘Punk On Toast’ also took a break in 2012, but resumed in 2013. The EP was recorded with bassist Ashwin Shriyan from the extreme metal band ‘Demonic Resurrection’.