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The music composer duo Sachin (Sanghvi) and Jigar (Saraiya) shot to fame in Bollywood with their number ‘Char Baj Gaye’ from the movie ‘F.A.L.T.U’. And since then there is no looking back for them. The musicians went on to give back to back hits in movies like ‘Happy Ending’, ‘Badlapur’ and ‘ABCD 2’. Metrolife spoke to the musicians recently.

How did you guys come together?

Sachin: Me and Jigar came together to share workload, but later ended up sharing common backgrounds, common culture and common food choices. We complement each other even in music. I guess this is ‘God ne Banadi Jodi’.

How would you define your music?

Sachin: Our music is about soul. That’s the only way we look at it. Even if it’s a thumping dance track, it should entice your mind and soul to dance your life out.
Jigar: I would say it is something heartfelt.

What was the first big break for you?

Sachin and Jigar: Our first big break came from Remo Dsouza’s ‘F.A.L.T.U’, which gave us ‘Char Baj Gaye’.

Who is your inspiration?

Sachin: Vishal Bharadwaj, Coldplay, Lucky Ali, Norah Jones and of course AR Rahman Sir.
Jigar: John Mayer.

How has your musical journey been till now?

Sachin: If it was not music, I would have been a chartered accountant like my dad.
My journey has been great with some lows and highs, but we get tougher with
every passing landmark and the love and respect we get from the people and the industry, is our fuel.

What is the difference between pop music and Bollywood music?

Sachin: Bollywood seems to look for commerciality first. But pop can be mere solo expression.

Jigar: Bollywood music is like the mother, it can have all genres blended into it,
in the right amount including pop.

How does it feel to be a musician in India?

Sachin: India is bustling with talent, there is so much to choose from, you will have to be unique, edgy and soulful to connect and make a mark.

Jigar: Our country is the best place in the world if you are a musician. There’s audience for all genres. If you do heartfelt stuff with dedication, I don’t think finding audience is

Do you think internet is a boon for aspiring musicians?

Sachin: Yes, I have ways believed internet has immense power, anyone can listen to anybody , there is now bound of time and distance.
Jigar: The internet is definitely a boon. It makes music accessible across various mediums within no time of its release. It makes independent artists express music more freely.

What’s next?

Sachin: We are working on a bunch of Bollywood films which might release in quick succession from August 2016 across December 2017. ‘Flying Jatt’ is the first one to release.