'UFO' returns to haunt Periyapatna villages

Residents in scattered places claim sighting a saucer-like object
Last Updated 03 May 2016, 18:20 IST

An year after the reported sighting of an unidentified flying object (UFO) in the taluk, a similar object, in the shape of a huge saucer, emitting light was spotted by the villagers of the taluk recently. The panicked villagers fear sighting an alien.

The villagers claimed that a flying saucer was spotted in Muthuru, Muthuru colony, Soolekote and other villages at around 10.50 pm on April 30.

Swamy, his uncle Mallesh Nayaka, Govinda, Changanna and others of Soolekote village were watering the ginger crop in their fields when they spotted a huge saucer-like object emitting light.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Changanna, claimed that the plate-like object was about to land when it suddenly vanished.

Manjesh of Mathuru village too shared the same experience. Eijaz, a resident of Masjid Street was on terrace after dinner and spotted a ray of light which vanished in a minute.

The rare spectacle has become the talk of the town with the people sure of sighting an UFO. It may be mentioned that the taluk, was in news for reportedly spotting an alien at Kanagal village an year ago. An object that resembled an alien was said to be floating in the air in a broad daylight and vanished.

Many women agricultural labourers claimed to have spotted the same.

(Published 03 May 2016, 18:20 IST)

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