No end to parking woes as new system fails to take off

No end to parking woes as new system fails to take off

No end to parking woes as new system fails to take off

Disorganised in some places, illegally operated in others, the off-street parking in the city might continue to be a mess for some more time. The BBMP has been empowered to implement the pay-and-park system, but things have not moved forward.

In October last year, BBMP was examining four technically qualified bidders who could take up the project. But even after six months, there is no progress.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, a BBMP official said that they were still examining the bidders and even if the process takes just a few days, the contractors need a minimum of six months to implement the system. Mayor B N Manjunath Reddy said that he will make sure it’s implemented very soon.

Smart parking

Mainly focused on reorganising parking lots, the proposed system was envisaged to adopt digitalised metres and payment through mobile phone applications. The contractor was expected to manage the parking lots by providing facilities such as installation of parking meter, surveillance camera and signages.

The Directorate of Urban Land Transport conducted a survey on ‘willingness to pay’ and proposed three packages (premium, business and ordinary parking) in the prominent areas. Parking fees range from Rs 5 to Rs 30 per hour, depending on the vehicle, and the rates remain same even on weekends and peak hours. Bicycles are exempt from the payment.

The BBMP had chosen 56 of the 80 designated roads in the first phase. Smart parking will be introduced between Ulsoor and Sirsi Circle (east to west boundary); Lalbagh main entrance and Palace Grounds (south to north boundary). The estimated cost of the project is Rs 40 crore and is expected to generate revenue of Rs 80 crore per annum, with an annual maintenance cost of Rs 8 crore.