What's in your makeup kit?

What's in your makeup kit?

What's in your makeup kit?
A  new season also means a swap in your makeup kit — with all new products filled with simple properties and scintillating effects. Here are 10 latest innovative products, which can be used in this scorching sun to make your life easy and beautiful:

Mattifying under-base
Under-bases are applied prior to the base. These act as great primers and let your base glide smoothly on your face for dewy-finish makeup. A latest innovation in pre-bases, mattifying under-bases are innately rich with silicone to provide your skin with a super-matte, yet sheen-infused finish. This not only lets you emerge shine-proof this summer, but makes your makeup more long-lasting.

Super mousse foundation
A super creamy textured cream that results in a powdery base, the mousse has been in rage for ages and won’t fade anytime soon. As a more long-lasting sequel and the latest version of mousse, super-mousse foundation gives glossy coverage along with a velvety-finish during the scorching heat.

Lash fibres
Lash fibres are long-stay mascaras and can be applied using a wand over your lashes for a denser effect. These fake lashes are known to thicken, enhance and volumise your “peeper-feathers” up to a great extent.

Depuff eye-pads
Puffy eyes are irritating and can be utterly cumbersome to hide. Depuff eye-pads can take your puffiness away in just few minutes. A great saviour on puffy eye days, especially on those summer party nights. These eye-pads, with their soothing effects, can act as a great eye primer before your eye makeup by giving that much-needed longevity.

False eyelids
Wondering what that is? Just like fake lashes, these are fake lids which can be applied over your “almost-invisible” upper eyelid (if you’ve got one) for a doe-eyed looking set of peepers. False lids create an illusion of third eyelid and are best for eastern eyes to make them appear bigger and mesmerising in a jiffy.

Nail paints stickers
The sultry season is best to flaunt those manicured hands with to-lust-for nails. But, if you are someone who feels drying your nail paint is a pain, these super-easy nail stickers are just for you. A best rescue, for the girl-on-the-go, these stickers are readymade nail-art, which can be pasted on your nails in just a matter of minutes, for a set of trendy talons.

Soak-off nail paints
Soak-off nail paints are permanent nail paints, which when done with the help of UV rays can actually last for almost a month. Available in all bright and trendy colours of the sunny season, these long-lasting nail shades are best friends for girls who complain of faded and chipped nail paints and find reapplying it every week a hassle!

Makeup misers
These are magic spatulas which can be twisted and turned however required to pick product from your cosmetic items — such as mascara, foundation, gel liners etc. These let you obtain maximum benefits from your expensive products by using even its last trace.

Nano hair fibres
Creating effect of voluminous hair is now child’s play. Applied for a dense effect on areas with patchy bald patches, these fibres are a boon for semi-bald scalps or people with a receding hairline. These fibres are applied on the scalp for a denser effect within just five seconds.

Makeup fixing spray
How about gorgeously done makeup turning into melting heaven in that scorching sun! Don’t worry, as a makeup fixing spray can come to your rescue. An utter need for setting your makeup in place, this works for longer hours and prevents your do from smudging away too soon during harsh and hot days.

(The author is a beauty expert and executive director, ALPS group)