No record of 24.23 acres of govt land

No record of 24.23 acres of govt land

Bengaluru Urban Deputy Commissioner V Shankar on Saturday inspected the land in Adigarakallahalli in the wake of allegations that sites had been created on government gomala (grazing) land.

After the inspection, Shankar said that out of the total extent of 103.32 acres of government land, 79 acres had been regularised over a period of time. However, there is no record available of the remaining government land to the extent of 24.23 acres.

Around 85 sites were carved out of survey number 47 at Adigarakallahalli near Sarjapur Road by creating new survey numbers. The layout was developed by Lion Estates and Properties, owned by JD(S) MLC C R Manohar, for BHEL House Building Cooperative Society. The tahsildar (enforcement) earlier had reported that 67.08 acres in survey number 47 had been encroached upon. The same report was also relied upon by the A T Ramaswamy committee.

Certain members of the society had complained that the sites were being created on government land. They alleged that despite claims of regularisation of land, in as far as 79 acres, in favour of Manohar, even on Friday the Records of Rights, Tenancy and Crops (RTC) entry showed the extent of land in survey number 47 as 103.32 acres.

Shankar said that the podi for lands with different measurements in survey number 47 was created between 1978 and 2008. “The entries in the RTC may not reflect the actual possession. I had called for the documents pertaining to the land and found that podi was not done on a single day, but over a period of time since 1978. However, it is also found that there are no records available for the remaining 24.23 acres of government land. I instructed the officials to look into the same,” he said.

The complainants said that the entry in the RTC has changed at least five times ever since they filed the complaint. The extract of the RTC of survey number 47 obtained in December 8, 2015 showed the extent of government land as 103.32 acres and within a span of two weeks, the pahani of survey number 47 showed the total extent of government gomala land as only 24.23 acres.

“Recently in March 2016, again the RTC entry showed the extent of land as 103.32 acres. We are worried that the members who may be allotted sites in this land should not face consequences,” one of the members said.