No water shortage, says Kejriwal

No water shortage, says Kejriwal

No water shortage, says Kejriwal

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Sunday the government is taking all necessary steps to ensure uninterrupted water supply to the capital. Kejriwal was speaking to reporters after paying homage to martyrs of Hardinge bomb case.

With the water level dropping in Yamuna, most parts of Delhi faced acute water shortage. The major reason behind the shortage was after Munak canal was briefly closed after a child drowned there. Delhi receives the majority of its water from Haryana.

“We have already held meetings and are ensuring that there is uninterrupted water supply in Delhi. There is assurance that Uttar Pradesh will continue with its water supply as well. So it is expected there will be no water shortage,” said Kejriwal.

The Delhi government had earlier claimed that this summer would be so far the best for Delhiites.

On Sunday, Kejriwal paid floral tributes to martyrs of the Hardinge bomb case — Amir Chand, Bal Mukund, Avadh Bihari and Basant Kumar Biswas.

Kejriwal also met the great-grandsons of martyr Amir Chand.

On December 23, 1912, a procession was taken out in Delhi, with Lord Hardinge seated on an elephant. When the procession was passing through Chandni Chowk, a bomb was thrown at Hardinge. Though he managed to escape with injuries, the elephant was killed.

Several people including  Bal Mukund and the others, were arrested in connection with the case. While revolutionaries Amir Chand, Bhai Balmukund and Awadh Behari were executed on May 8, 1915 in Delhi Jail, Basant Kumar Biswas was executed the next day in Ambala Central Jail.