What's true success?

What's true success?

In today’s times, ‘success’ is something that is highly overrated and over-celebrated. In the print/visual media, if we are reading/ watching success stories of film gliterrati, sports stars, and other celebs, at the personal level, we seem to be talking – subtly or blatantly, succinctly or hyperbolically (with embellishments), the success saga of ourselves or our family. The way some of the parents, preposterously pasting the copy of their progeny’s annual academic reports on Facebook, stands proof to the above premise.

Somehow, we simply love to taste successes of all kinds – the academic, the professional, the financial success. To achieve these, we don’t mind even if it means making use of the Machiavellian moves with a Mephistophelian mind. Yes, we don’t mind pulling strings and making use of influence-peddling, by sycophancy or offering kickbacks, by even terrorising, cheating/ tricking, by underhand devious means, by bagging credit for someone’s toil/grind, and finally, by pulling down our possible contenders by sullying their professional image. What we fail to understand here is there is absolutely no involvement of aforesaid venal things, in the attainment of actual ‘true successes’.

Rather, true success is intertwined with rich elements of honesty/ sincerity, integrity and hardwork. Moreover, in pursuit of the professional/ financial and such other successes (which are, of course, prominently seen), we seem to be forgetting the greater successes, which are priceless, albeit not evident, unlike the above successes.

For instance, we are truly successful, if we are able to keep our mind and body perfectly fit, without plunging into unhealthy, self-destructive competition with others. We are really successful if we are able to selflessly radiate surfeit happiness around via several ways. We are successful if we are able to control and conquer the seven invisible and deadly, peace-annihilating devils – ire, indolence, conceit, gluttony, heartburns, avarice and lascivious thoughts.

And, we are successful if we are instrumental in making others around successful, especially the ones without blood-ties. We are successful if we are supremely peaceful/ contended, having sculpted a significant life for ourselves. Finally, we are truly successful in life, if we are successful in convincing, not others, but ourselves that we are successful, in our own special ways!

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