Elephant Vanitha succumbs to disease at Bannerghatta Park

Elephant Vanitha succumbs to disease at Bannerghatta Park

Animal had diarrhoea and anorectic ailments

Vanitha, 32, one of the popular cow elephants at the Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBP), breathed her last on Wednesday.

She had been suffering from diarrhoea and anorectic ailments since Saturday. According to the Executive Director, BBP, she was being treated with antihelmenthics and sulpha bolus and had been under constant observation. On May 10, she was found to be recumbent in the forest.

She was immediately treated by elephant experts Dr B C Chittiappa, Dr Basavarajappa and Dr Nagaraj.The animal initially responded to the treatment and was moved to the elephant camp where she consumed green and dry fodder.

On the same day, the pachyderm lay down again in the evening and was treated for the same condition after consultation with the experts. However, she did not respond to the treatment and ultimately succumbed in the early hours of May 11.
 The post-mortem revealed an abnormal accumulation of gas and black soil in the caecum and intestine and sub-mucosal and mucosal haemorrhages in the intestine and caecum. Endocardial and epicardial haemorrhages were seen in the heart.

Her visceral samples have been sent to IAH&VB for final diagnosis. Vanitha was the mother of six calves and was born in the elephant camp and bred at the BBP. With her death, the elephant strength at the BBP has come down to 19.

White tiger cubs born

Subhadra (5), a white tigress in the BBP safari area gave birth to four white tiger cubs three days ago. Two of them have survived and are in good health. The mother and cubs have been kept in isolation away from public viewing. The number of white tigers at the BBP has increased from five to seven.