Dwarka residents use car; water roadside saplings

Dwarka residents use car; water roadside saplings

Dwarka residents use car; water roadside saplings

Seeing newly planted saplings along the roads withering away in hot summer, some Dwarka residents have come up with a novel way to save them.

That involves fitting a water tank in the boot of the car. With the help of a small pump and a couple of pipes, plants along the road can be watered.

The trees along the roads in sector 22 and 23 of the sub-city were planted by Delhi Development Authority’s Horticulture Department two months back.

“Earlier, DDA workers used to water the plants frequently but one month back they stopped watering them, giving excuses that their tractor and trolley had developed some problem,” said Parminder Khetrapal, a Dwarka resident.

Local residents then started watering the plants by bringing bucket of water from their homes.

When this proved inadequate, the residents crafted a 50-litre container by cutting into half a water tank brought from a construction site.

They then put it on a cycle rickshaw.

“While seeing the effort, an idea struck my mind. I cut a Sintex tank so that it could fit inside the boot of my Maruti SX4 car. I brought a water-cooler pump and connected it with a UPS which powered it,” Khetrapal said.

With a couple of pipes attached to the tank, Khetrapal started watering the plants along the roads near his locality.

“Despite repeated reminders to DDA's horticulture department, no arrangements have been made to save the dying plants. So we had to show them how it's done,” said Prem Bihari Mishra, general secretary of voluntary organization Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi (SKDS) anda resident of Chitrakoot Apartments in sector 22.

“We will set an example for the DDA. Earlier, we used to water the plants using buckets. Thanks to Khetrapal's brilliant idea, things have become a lot easier,” he said.

Impressed with the idea, SKDS members now want to expand the effort by including more vehicles to water trees.

“The DDA's callous attitude has resulted in a number of withered plants across Dwarka. We will stick to sectors 22 and 23 for now, but will soon make it a regular affair. We will gradually start fanning out to other sectors in the sub-city with the support of residents. We hope the DDA will realise the problem and act on it,” he added.